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Bradycat is a Discord bot that comes with a lot of cool features. 
The bot is constantly being expanded with new things!

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Further information

You want to know more? Then here are a few more answers.

Can I invite the bot to my Discord server?           

No, this is (unfortunately) not yet possible, the bot is still on the long journey and has not yet arrived. He's going to land soon, we can't say when because he doesn't want to land on Earth just yet.

Where can I test the bot?

You can test the bot on, we have delicious cookies but also apples there. We are waiting for you! :)

How will the addon system work?

Since we don't have that much coffee to expand the bot alone with your ideas, we will provide a "crass" API with which you can make a kind of extension for the bot. You can then send them around the world so that they arrive with us. Every owner of a Discord world can then activate and use the extension or leave it deactivated and not use it. - Hosting

We have our servers at 
We are very satisfied with it and are happy to have them as a partner on our side.